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Changshin is a specialized Nike footwear manufacturing company that was founded in 1981. In 1995, we established off-shore
factories in Vietnam and China; Indonesia in 2010. Also, our manufacturing competitiveness has been advanced by forging a
global network that connects Korea-Vietnam-China-Indonesia.

In 1997, Changshin adopted the Toyota Production System(TPS) for the first time in the footwear industry which has become
the cornerstone of our current 'LEAN Enterprise Management'. It has maximized efficiency of our production method
through minimizing wastes and reducing costs by applying LEAN management for each off-shores.

As a leader of Korean footwear manufacturing industry, we have become an international enterprise with a capability of
sustainable growth based on a solid global network, management pursuing challenges and innovation, long experience, and
accumulated technology. Furthermore, Changshin is stepping forward to be a world-class manufacturer from promoting a
bold equipment investment, technical innovation, and business diversification.

Established 1981
Employees 72,129
USD  1.3  Billion

CEO's Message

© 2021 Changshin

ChangShin Inc. has grown since its foundation in 1981 with the core
values of Challenge, Grit, Cooperation, Innovation, and Mutual Trust &
Respect (MTR). Everyone at ChangShin is eager to accomplish
the given duties with an ‘Be Better Everyday’ spirit and strives for
a constant improvement.

ChangShin has able to succeed in the industry by implementing the
first Lean production system in the footwear industry with the
abovementioned spirit. Moreover, I firmly believe that success is
possible only when the members of the organization have deep faith
and pride toward their company.

We strive to strengthen the fundamental competitiveness by pursuing
C2.0 amid the diverse needs of our customers in today’s business.
We will lead the future of the footwear industry by securing
distinctive technologies with competitive advantages and sustainable
management going forward.

Furthermore, we will continue to create a corporate culture of Diversity,
Equity, and Inclusion cherishing our great talents. We will do our best
to reinforce the core values and global management system to become
a top-tier company and continue growing.


CEO CI Nam 창신INC 사장 남충일

Corporate Identity

Changshin is a global leader company that struggles and innovates to reach an undiscovered future and super separation.
Track & Field, the iconic category of Changshin, has embodied the track to express revolution and challenge that exceeds
the limits of product and human being. We are forging ahead to the world-class manufacturer with the power that
changes the world, challenge, and revolution.

Group CI

By establishing an identity integrative system of all Changshin's corporations and affiliates, it imparts
an organized and coherent impression of the company and substantializes concrete brand
experience by applying the system consistently to various medium and interface points.