Keep the rules
Do the right thing

Ethics Management

Changshin plans to settle a healthy Changshin ethical culture, 'CS RIGHTEOUSNESS'. To do this,
we enact a code of ethics to make an impartial and proper decision and conduct when it comes to
performing a task. Changshin's ethical culture is not only to justify whether it's good or not but also
to carry it into action. Through this, we enhance our ethical level as a socially responsible company
and grow along with the community while building trust from stakeholders.
Code of Ethics
All people of Changshin may behave honestly, followed by an ethical value, and carry out the Clean
management for us to become a World Class Manufacturer. Hence, we enhance Changshin's code of ethics
to set a standard of all employee's behavior valuation. A company should be impartial and equal based on
the code of business ethics, create a safe and pleasant environment, provide the best service with honesty
that could impress our customers, and compete in good faith.

All employees may comply with this code of ethics. Also, we strongly encourage this code of ethics to
corporations and individuals who have business relations with us. If you notice or were offered to do any
unethical behavior or any act that is against the code of ethics, you may report to Changshin's Management
Assessment Group. It's managed anonymously and there will be no disadvantage for the informant.

​ If you've got to involved in unethical behavior unwillingly or feel remorse for his/her misdeed and make a
voluntary report on this to our Management Assessment Group, you may not be punished. We will always
remember the importance of communication and management based on respect for man's life and dignity
to be a global leader.
The Principles of the
Code of Ethics
Ethical Implementation Activity
For ethical management activity, we regularly monitor and educate as well as
to conduct the basis of organization and system.
Ethical Management
Code of Ethics Enactment, Revision
Transparent and fair work performance
Operate Report Channel
Run a report system for ethical management, external report, etc.
Check ethical management implementation
Ethical Management Field Hearing
Collect and check opinions on requirement, and ethical management practice level
Training and
Common Curriculum
Off-JT, online class
Self-Monitoring on Compliance with Ethical Management
Make a personnel checklist (questionnaire format) Find understanding enhancement and supplement point on related regulations.
Report / Consultation
Changshin operates report channel to eradicate injustice that disrupts fair and
transparent management.
  • We guarantee the confidentiality of the informant that there will be no information disclosure. The details of the report and informant will be a non-disclosure and will be handed only to the person in charge of the Management Assessment Group.
Types of Report
  • - Job-related illegality, corruption, demeaning and company image disruption behavior
  • - bribe, venality, embezzlement, malpractice and any job-related unfair profit behavior
  • - Information disclosure on confidential or customer-related information
  • - Intentional negligence of duties that causes company loss
      (dereliction, misuse of authority)
  • - Illicit behavior like abusive language, an assault that harms traditional custom
  • - Other Code of Ethics related improvement recommendation and requests
  • Details of the report will be handled promptly and non-disclosure to a third party. It may take a while to clarify fact relevance, inquiry, and handling. If you would like to receive process result separately, please leave your contact information.
Check Process Result
If the report was autonym and he/she requested feedback on the result, we provide a process result except for legitimate rights and interests violation.
Your valuable report will be the foundation of our fair and
transparent company culture.
Changshin Cheif Ethics Officer
Management Assessment Group,
ChangShinINC, 242, Jangpyeong-ro, Saha-gu, Busan, Korea.